Self-propelled travel has always fascinated me and kayaks offer a whole range of possibilities that are not available with any other watercraft. Paddling can be as easy or as challenging as you want to make it--even novices will be having fun in touring kayaks in a relatively short time. I hope you enjoy our new brochure and get as much pleasure out of paddling as I do.
We appreciate the support of our many satisfied customers over the last thirty years and hope you will join their ranks. It is mainly due to the word of mouth recommendations of those happy customers that we sell many of our kayaks.
Our kayaks incorporate our long experience in building, first white water kayaks and then, later, touring kayaks. We build the very best touring kayaks using the most suitable materials and technology, and improve our methods and materials as improvements become available. Our kayaks are handcrafted works of art that marry together form, function and comfort.
Steve Schleicher